8 Sexy Foods To Get You In The Mood

Ginger rootYou can try sexy lingerie or whispering sweet nothings into your chula’s ear. But why chance the wrong size or the wrong thing when you can simply slip your sweetheart some tasty treats to get the party started?

1. Dark Chocolate

This one is a given. Maybe even over talked about, but it doesn’t take away the fact that it works. A recent study claimed that women who reported eating dark chocolate daily had more satisfying sex lives. Chocolate promotes the release of endorphins in your system, making you feel really good. It also contains small amounts of caffeine and other feel good chemicals that if taking in large amounts can have you feeling psychedelic. However, a few pieces of chocolate can help lead you in a satisfying direction.

2. Oysters

With their high level of zinc, a mineral required for the production of testosterone, oysters seem to make every sexy food list. These aren’t the only sea food delicacies that help in sparking your love machine: mussels and clams, along with oysters, deliver two types of amino acids needed to rev the engine. Be sure to chew thoroughly before swallowing. You’ll get more out of the sea creatures.