Enrique Guzmán's Gastrointestinal Problem Leads to Emergency Surgery

Alejandra Guzmán’s father, Enrique Guzmán was taken to the emergency room this weekend for a gastrointestinal problem. Last December he had a surgery to remove part of his intestine. He was vacationing in Cancun, Mexico and was rushed to the hospital after complaining about stomach pains. There are a number of health problems that lead to the removal of part of the large intestine.Enrique y Alejandra Guzmán

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The large intestine or colon connects the small intestine to the anus, where stool passes through the large bowel. There are a couple of diseases why someone might have part of their large bowel removed:

Neoplasm: Abnormal mass off tissue that could be cancerous

Diverticulitis: Inflammatory disease that causes the lining of the intestine to become inflamed.

Crohn’s disease: A chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract.

Colon cancer or Polyps: Polyps could be found in the colon or rectum, which could be cancerous.

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