How The Cold Weather Affects Your Sleep

During the winter months, many people complain about feeling tired all the time. They sleep 8 hours, but still feel tired or like something’s off. There are things that happen to your body during the cold winter months that can cause you to feel tired, affecting the quality of your sleep.

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man sleeping at his desk

The amount of light that we get during the cold winter months has a big impact on our lives. Many of us go to work in the morning when it’s dark outside and then come back when it’s dark again, which could be quite depressing to some people. Some people suffer from the winter blues because of this reason. Light directly impacts the pituitary gland, which produces many hormones that travel through the body. The pituitary gland secretes melatonin, which regulates the body’s sleep-wake cycles. Lack of light could cause the body to produce excess melatonin, which is what’s causing you to feel tired or sluggish.