Naya Rivera Is Back in Shape, Just 4 Months After Giving Birth

Naya Rivera looked hot during the 2016 Gold Globes red carpet, just months after giving birth to her baby boy, Josey last September. She wore a sexy low cut V-neck dress with a slit that showed her curves, not to mention her toned body. How did she do it?

Naya Rivera and husband“I’m so grateful that not only is our baby already surrounded with so much love, but that we are fortunate and able to provide a great life for the little one. So hats off to all of the strong, powerful women and mothers in the world, baby or no baby, you’re all amazing!” she wrote in her blog.

Many times we judge celebrities in saying that they have the time and money to workout and eat right, but, they put in the work because it’s not easy to abstain from all the food temptations and maintain a workout routine. This is something we can definitely learn from them.