Which Diet and Exercise Program Is Best For You?

Fitness is an obsession in our culture.  Plus with social media at our fingertips, we have access to a variety of diets and fitness programs that promise to yield results. How do we effectively decipher between what really works and what is just another empty fad.

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There is essentially an overload of information on dieting, and far too many potentially miracle moves that promise to help us loose our dreaded belly fat “fast”.  The fitness industry is constantly giving us a a new fitness guru claiming to have found the holy grail of all workouts.
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The truth about dieting
Dieting is a sore subject for many, and it can be the hardest part of a weight loss program.  However according to experts, 75% of our weight gain or loss can be attributed to our eating habits.  We can literally spend hours at the gym, but if we do not eat properly, we will see very slow progress, if any, and you will eventually hit a plateau.  In short, weight loss definitely requires healthy eating choices.