No More Jiggly Arms!

One of the benefits of living somewhere where it’s cold in the winter is that you don’t have to worry about short sleeve shirts and jiggly arms until the summer. But, it’s still a good idea to work on this problem area during the winter, so that when the warm winter months get here, you’ll be ready with beautifully toned arms.

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We know it’s hard to get to the gym and sometimes you just don’t have the time. This is why we put together a list of exercises that you could do at home with hardly any exercise equipment. For these exercises you will only use a mat and your own body to strengthen your arms. One thing is reading about it and another thing is actually seeing how it’s done, which is always more useful.

Woman flexing her bicep, woman with toned arms


There are so many different types of planks and they are so popular because they strengthen your core, helps reduce back pain, makes you more flexible and they help tone your arms.