No More Frizzy Hat Hair!

Winter is officially here, which means the beginning of the dreaded hat hair! Most women hate winter because it dries out their hair and when you wear a hat, you’re left with flat, staticky hair, which is not pretty. Fortunately, there are things you could do to make sure your hair looks healthy all through winter and you get rid of frizzy hat hair.

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DRY HAIRHealthy Hair

One of the first things you have to realize is that the cold winter weather, which includes wind, rain and snow can dry out your hair, make it frizzy, staticky or just a hot mess. This is why we recommend that you get a deep conditioning treatment once a week, if not at least once a month. This will lock in the moisture because things like the blowdryer and even the dry heat from your central heating dries out your hair. Using a humidifier might not only be a good idea to clear out your sinuses, but it also helps your hair keep its moisture.

Another thing you should do is minimize the amount of times you wash your hair. I know it’s hard not to wash your hair, especially for Latinas, since we can get an oily scalp. Two to three times a week can prevent your hair from drying out and making it brittle.