Celebrities Eat Their Placenta, Would You?

Eating your own placenta or someone else’s sounds pretty gross, but many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are doing it–would you try it? This isn’t exactly a new trend, since the modern idea of mothers eating their own placenta started back in the 70’s.

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kim kardashian and jennifer lopez

What is a placenta? This is the first organ that forms after you conceive, it connects you with your baby in the uterus. Through the placenta or afterbirth you are delivering oxygen, nutrients and hormones to your baby. It helps feed the baby growing inside of you and it takes care of disposing waste as well. It grows alongside your baby and it’s the only organ your body makes that it disposes after you give birth. After you give birth, you will either push out the placenta vaginally or if you have a C-section, your doctor can remove it manually from your uterus.