Teen Dies From Caffeine Overdose


Caffeine is not an illegal drug and is easily accessible, but if consumed in large quantities, it can have similar effects to a drug overdose. A 16-year-old teen recently died from a caffeine overdose when he consumed soft drinks, coffee, and an energy drink, which caused him a heart attack.

Allen Cripe

According to NBC News, Davis Allen Cripe consumed a large diet Mountain Dew, a café latte from Mc Donalds, and some type of energy drink. This mix of drinks caused the teen to collapse and die within two hours of drinking all of this.

Richland County coroner Gary Watts, there was so much caffeine in his system at the time of his death, that caused him arrhythmia, which is the improper beating of the heart. “The autopsy was performed and there was nothing there to indicate any type of…undiagnosed heart condition,” he said.