Eva Longoria Baston Wears Double Spanx and Hates Working Out

Eva Longoria is about to celebrate her first year of marriage with Pepe Baston and the Texas native seems to be pretty busy these days with the launch of her new clothing line, a new movie called Lowriders, and as a longtime brand ambassador for L’Oreal, she has her hands full. Yet, she still makes time to workout, which she confesses she’s not a big fan of hitting the gym.

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“I don’t like moves that incorporate a lot of stuff. Like, ‘Lunge while you’re pressing and balancing,’ and I’m like, ‘Uuuugh. I just want to do a biceps curl.’ I don’t enjoy working out. I like the way I feel after working out. I always wish my trainer doesn’t show up. I’m always like, ‘I hope he cancels, I hope he cancels,’” says Eva Longoria Baston to Health.

She does a variety of workouts to keep her body toned but admits that she loves running. “I’m a runner, first of all. I run a lot. But I also do SoulCycle, Pilates, yoga. I usually mix it up. Now I’m starting with weight training. I kind of laid off the weights for a while, but I went to my nutritionist the other day, and she was like, ‘Your muscle mass is low. You need to build muscle.’ And I’m like ‘Oh man…’”

Recently she was pictured on a boat with a bloated tummy and her fans were speculating that she was pregnant, which she quickly shot down those rumors by explaining that she was just eating a lot. We don’t think she would be doing this yoga pose if she were pregnant, but who knows…


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