Juan Gabriel’s Son, Luis Alberto Might Be Meeting His Siblings On Thanksgiving Day

We first heard of Luis Alberto, the fifth son of Juan Gabriel, shortly after his death. He spoke kindly of his father in an interview with Primer Impacto and of how they had a father-son relationship for many years, even though he never met any of the other siblings.

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Now, after much speculation and a DNA test, Iván Aguilera, son of Juan Gabriel and the universal heir to the late singer’s fortune came forward with a special message for Luis Alberto.

Luis Alberto Aguilera “Given the recent turn of events that have been disseminated in different media outlets and the results of a DNA test, we want to invite you and your mother to our Thanksgiving dinner in Miami,” reads a statement by Iván Aguilera. He offered to pay the travel costs so that Luis Alberto and his mother could come and stay at their home so that they can meet the entire family and get to know one another.