Are You Pre-shampooing?

Everyone dreams of having beautiful long hair, but when they do they can’t wait to get rid of it because long hair requires a lot of maintenance. Your hair breaks easier, it gets in your face, you get more split ends, and forget about the tangling! But don’t worry, we’ve found a solution to your problem. It may take an extra step before washing your hair, but it’s definitely worth it. Pre-shampoo treatments are really hot this season, which include hair masks and oils that condition and prep your hair before washing.pre-shampoo treatment, girl shampooing hair

Essentially, you’re doing the job of your hairdresser when you get a deep conditioning treatment, except for a fraction of the cost and the convenience of doing it in your own home. Pre-shampoo treatments remove the build-up and moisturizes deeper, helping your regular shampoo while preventing it from stripping your hair of the oils it needs. Plus these pre-shampoo treatments are especially great for people with dyed hair and most only require a couple of minutes of leave-in time before you shampoo.

“Pre-shampoos are excellent at enveloping the hair strands so you don’t lose the ‘good oils’ you need to keep your hair moisturized, strong and flexible that can be stripped in the shampooing process,” says Catherine Deceglie, Director of product development for Alterna Haircare. It also helps repel minerals present in water and helps your hair defend against build-up.