Wagner Moura Faced Some Challenges Playing Pablo Escobar

Brazilian actor, Wagner Moura plays Pablo Escobar in the Netflix series Narcos. The actor plays one of the most notorious Colombian drug kingpins in the world, which wasn’t an easy task. The actor had to gain 40 pounds to come close to looking like Escobar, in addition to that he had to fill some pretty big shoes, which is why throughout the filming he went through a roller-coaster wave of emotions.

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The actor sat down with NPR to talk about his experience filming this series. “He wanted to be loved, accepted…he was a human being, you know, he was a person. For Pablo Escobar, it’s the same. He was probably the worst thing that happened to Colombia, but he loved his kids, he had his wife, he ended up doing good things for poor people in his city. So all these contrasts are what make use human you know, all of us. And all of us, we all have—of course in different levels—we have a dark side and a good side,” he says.

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