How Do You Like Your Spinach? Raw or Cooked?

Many of us stumble upon the produce aisle, thinking about what the family enjoys, especially the kids who can be picky eaters. One of the things that you should always bring home is some greens and one of the best is spinach. This leafy green is packed with healthy nutrients and you can eat it both cooked and raw.

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Spinach one of those vegetables that are available year-round and it is filled with vitamins and minerals that are essential to our health. Spinach is packed with potassium, manganese, zinc, magnesium, calcium, folate, niacin, vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin B6, beta carotene, lutein and many more.Baby spinach on a wooden background

Good for your eyes: It’s a rich source of beta carotene, lutein, and xanthene, which is good for your eyesight. It can help with itchy eyes, eye ulcers and dry eyes. Good for people that spend all day in front of a computer!