Cameron Diaz Starts The Day Off With A Liter of Water & You Should Too

Everyone knows how beneficial it is to keep well hydrated, especially in the summer! Cameron Diaz starts her day by drinking a liter of water, which is perhaps the secret to her great skin, but drinking water first thing in the morning has many other benefits.

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Cameron Diaz

(Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage)

“It’s very important to start your day off with a lot of energy,” she says. “For me, that starts with getting up, brushing my teeth and drinking some water—I drink a liter of water straight down.” It might not be a bad idea if you’re one of those people that wake up rushing to the bathroom first thing in the morning and your pee is bright yellow. That means you probably went to bed dehydrated and you need to drink more water. Plus, drinking water before you go to bed, lowers your risk of a heart-attack while you sleep.

The actress is definitely onto something because as you sleep your body is still working on digesting your food and recharging you for the next day, which is why you need to drink more water before and after bed.